W-22D 系列 LED全高清電子互動顯示屏

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  • 高效能工業屏幕, 支援長時間, 一星期每天18小時不間斷持續運轉播放
    High-performance Industrial Panel, Support 18hrs/Day long hours playback continuously
  • 備有觸控功能 (可選)
    Screen Touch Function (Optional)
  • 超薄機身, 內建揚聲器
    Slim Design, Build-in Speaker
  • 分屏顯示 影片/圖像/文字顯示/滾動字幕/微軟文檔/PDF/網頁
    Screen-splitting display (Video/Picture/Text/Rolling Subtitles/MS Office Fiile/PDF/Web etc
  • 支援 WiFi/Ethernet 遠端更新, 或USB flash drive 即時更新
    Support WiFi/Ethernet remote update, or USB flash drive update​
  • 於不同時段播放不同內容,可設定一天內之特定時間, 分時段播放不同內容
    Software support multi-signage control, Play different content in different periods by simple setup
  • 軟件支援同時操控多部互動顯示屏
    Software support multi-signage control
  • 定時器每日開/關功能
    Daily Timer On/Off Schedule function
  • 備有 22″ – 100″ 直立/橫式4K 或全高清顯示*
    22″ – 100″ 4K or FHD Vertical or horizontal Display*

* 另備有多款不同呎吋, 歡迎查詢

Please contact us for the size options


Android 7.1 運作系統 OS / Window PC 運作系統 OS (可選 Optional)

4核處理器 Quad-core processor ARM A53 1.5 GHz (Android OS) + 5核 GPU ARM Mali-450

RAM: 2G & 8/16GB eMMC (Android OS)

i5, 4G, 128SSD (Windows OS (可更改 Can be Changed)) (Window OS)

HDMI & VGA input/output (可選 Optional), USBport, Mirco SD 卡槽

解像度 Resolution: 1920 x 1080 / 3840 x 2160

支援影片格式 Video Format: MPEG 1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV, MKV, TS, Flv, etc.*

支援相片格式 Picture Format: JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, etc.*


保養期一年(上門)(人為損壞除外),(包括檢査費及人工費, 屏幕及零件)(離島, 愉景灣及個別偏遠地區將收取上門費用)
Warranty: 12 Months on-site warranty service including panel, parts & Labour (any damage caused by man-made are excluded)(Sur-charge may be apply for Outlying Islands & Restricted Areas)

1 Training course will be provide