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75HS-19A 超高清互動智能觸控電子白板

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75HS-19A 超高清互動智能觸控電子白板

75HS-19A UHD Interactive Touch Panel

1. 不需要刻意關燈, 也可清晰顯示 — 可在普通光線的房間什或禮堂、操場等埸地播放 (避免黑暗使人昏昏欲睡, 亦可在足夠燈光下書寫和閱讀, 不致傷害眼睛)
Don’t need to turn off the lights but still can watch clearly — Can play in ordinary light rooms, auditoriums or playgrounds, etc.
(Avoiding darkness makes people sleepy, and you can also write and read under enough lights, protect your eyes)

2. 一體化設計, 安裝簡單, 通電即用, 不用繁複設定多部設備, 更備有多種可移動座地架, 方便搬往不同地方使用, 讓教學或會議更流暢
Integrated design, Easy to setup, power-on and ready-to-use, moving to different locations easily with removable floor stand, make teaching or meetings more smooth

3. 配備多種插口, 更可有線/無線連接其他電腦、移動裝置或影音設備1, 支援一般課室/會議室設備 (本機內建Lan/WiFi/Bluetooth)
內建四分投屏功能 (不用外加 USB Dongle), 支援最多同時4部外部裝置投屏到電子白板上, 或將電子白板上的畫面投屏到4部外部裝置上2
Built-in multi-plugin, Wired/wireless connection to External computers, Mobile Device or audio/video equipment1, Support general classroom /Meeting Room device (Built-in Lan/WiFi/Bluetooth)
Built-in multiscreen interaction application (No Extra USB Dongle Need), Mirror the Screen of External Device (Max. up to 4pcs) to your IFP, or Mirror IFP Screen to External Device (Max. up to 4pcs) and touch the Screen of External Device to control IFP, just like you are touching your IFP directly2

4. 4K UHD 畫質, 55”–100”選擇, 配以20點高靈敏度觸控, 讓多人同時使用3
4K UHD resolution, 55”–100”, 20pts high sensitive touch, can let several people use at the same time3

5. PC 及 Android 雙系統設計, 支援多種軟件及應用程式, 播放影片, 圖片及微軟文件檔 (PC另購)4
PC & Android Dual System, Support variety of software and applications, Video, Picture & Microsoft Office File Playback (PC Optional)4

*圖片內的APPS只供參考, 未必附有 APPS in the picture is for reference only and may not be attached

6. Android 系統支援安裝及開啟應用程式 (APK)5
Android System support variety of applications Installation & Open (APK)5

#1 需連接上同一網絡或電子白板的熱點 Need to connect to the same network or the Hotspot of IFP

#2 不同作業系統的外部裝置, 在投屏操作上, 功能上會有不同 The external devices of different OS, have different functions & Operation in the multiscreen interaction application.

#3 須相關軟件支援 Software Support Required

#4 部份多媒體檔案, 由於錄製方法不同而未必能在本機播放 It may not be possible to play files recorded using a computer due to the application settings or computer’s environment settings.

#5 部份APPS在設計及開發時只支援手提電話及平板電腦等流動裝置, 可能並不支援互動電子白板 Apps may be possible to operate on Mobile phone or tablet only, not on the Interactive Flat Panel.


★ Latest Android 8.0 OS
最新 Android 8.0 主控制系統

★ IR (Infrared Ray) touch technology, Touch menu

★ Detachable type design PC module, can reduce running noise and facilitate maintenance

★ Front USB Port, USB Flash Plug & Play
前置 USB 連接埠,支援檔案隨插即放

★ Lan or WiFi connect to Web, 2.4/5G Hotspot Function
支援有線或無線上網, 2.4/5G 熱點功能

★ Built-in 8M Cam & Microphone
內置 800 萬像素高清攝像頭和麥克風

★ Tempered glass 4mm (Mohs level 7)
表層採用4mm強化玻璃 (莫氏(Frederich Mohs) 硬度表第七級,與石英同級),不易刮花

★ Ultra-thin and ultra-narrow appearance; Modulation Safety Design


保養期一年(上門)(人為損壞除外),包括檢査費及人工費, 屏幕及零件
1-year warranty from date of delivery (on-site), except the damage caused by human errors

* 離島及偏遠地區用戶如要求上門服務,或須付本公司所訂之交通費用
Transportation Surcharge for on-site Service at Islands/Outlying Zone

6 Months Warranty for the Remote Control & Power Adaptor