Warranty Terms & Condition

弘毅有限公司全資擁有V DiGi品牌及旗下產品
V DiGi Brand & Product are wholly owned by Winning Prefect Limited

V DiGi的維修服務亦由弘毅有限公司(下稱 V DiGi)履行及負責
Winning Prefect Limited is responsible for the Maintainance Service of V DiGi Product.



The warranty periods : (Commencing from the date of purchase)

CT/CK 系列電視機 - 免費保養期三年,其中第一年整機(包括屏幕),第二及三年免檢査費及人工費 (2013年1月1日起) (43GS830CT客人於網上登記保養可享有三年整機保養(包括屏幕, 免檢査費及人工費)) (此推廣已於2019年9月1日完結)
CT/CK Series TV -  3-years warranty, Full warranty for first year (Panel included), Labour only for second and third year (Start from 1-1-2013) (43GS830CT Customer can enjoy 3-years Full Warranty (Panel, Parts & Labour included) only if the On-line Warrranty is registered) (Promotion Finished at 1st Sept 2019)

32FHDM3/32H366H 電視機 - 免費保養期三年,其中第一年整機(包括屏幕),第二及三年免檢査費及人工費
32FHDM3/32H366H TV -  3-years warranty, Full warranty for first year (Panel included), Labour only for second and third year

KMB/SQB/SQD 系列電視機 - 免費保養期兩年,其中第一年整機(包括屏幕),第二年免檢査費及人工費
KMB/SQB/SQD Series TV - 2-years warranty, Full warranty for first year (Panel included), Labour only for second year

SCK 系列電視機 - 免費保養期三年,三年整機 (包括屏幕, 免檢査費及人工費) (55", 49"及24"客人需於網上登記保養才可享有此三年整機保養)
SCK Series TV - 3-years Full Warranty  (Panel, Parts & Labour included) (55", 49"& 24" Customer can enjoy 3-years Full Warranty only if the On line Warrranty is registered)

LE 系列電視機 - 免費保養期壹年,其中第一年整機(包括屏幕)
LE Series TV - 1-year Full Warranty (Panel included)

影音產品及機頂盒產品 - 免費保養期一年整機
AV, STB & PVR Product (except TV) - 1-year Full Warranty

節能產品 - 免費保養期兩年
Energy Saving Product - 2-years Full Warranty

智能家居產品 - 免費保養期兩年
Smart Living Product - 2-years Full Warranty

Remote Control & Power Adaptor - 6 months Full Warranty

Replacing Remote Control & Power Adaptor - 6 months Full Warranty

*32吋或以上電視機於保養期內免費提供上門維修及上門檢査服務 (離島及偏遠地區用戶如要求上門服務,須付本公司所訂之交通費用), 其他產品則需客人自攜保養 (上門檢查維修需另收費)
TV Warranty: 29" or Below: carry-in (Subcharge for on-site Service), 32" or above: on site (free or charge -- except Islands/Outlying Zone)
Warranty (except TV): carry-in (Subcharge for on-site Service)


Service Terms and Conditions

(1) 下述的“維修服務”指客戶向V DiGi要求對其損壞、損毀或操作不良的產品進行修理的服務,而該等維修服務不包括對需維修之產品包含任何種類的光碟及記憶體所存儲的數據修復。
“Repair Service” hereinafter shall mean any service that V DiGi renders, upon Customer's request, to fix the Product or replace certain parts of such Product that is damaged, broken, or malfunctioned. Such Repair Service excludes the restoration of any data stored in hard disk or internal memory or memory storage cards contained or included in the Product to be repaired.

(2) 由購買日期起十四天內,客戶須填妥保用証並寄回V DiGi客戶服務部(或三十天內於網上登記),保養服務方能生效。並只適用於香港特別行政區及澳門特別行政區
Warranty will be valid only after the warranty card has been properly filled in and returned to V DiGi within 14 days, or the on-line warranty has been registered within 30 days of original purchase. The warranty is intended for use by Hong Kong and Macau only.

(3) V DiGi在維修客戶的產品後,該產品之配置及規格均符合原廠設計及出廠標準。
Upon completion of the Repair Service, the Product shall be reverted in such original configurations and specifications as designed and manufactured by V DiGi.

(4) 客戶要求維修服務時,必須出示列明產品型號之正本購買單據/送貨證明,方可享受保用或保養期內之維修服務,否則V DiGi將會向客戶收取屆時V DiGi所訂一般的零件費、檢查費、人工費。影印本或傳真副本恕不接受。客戶須在收回其產品時支付有關服務費。最後的保用或保養範圍,以V DiGi的最終決定作準。
Official Purchase Invoice or Delivery Dote should be presented to our staff during each service.  Parts Fee, Inspection Fee, labour Fee will be charged if the Official Purchase Invoice or Delivery Dote cannot be presented. Photocopy or fax copy of such documents shall not be accepted. Such charges shall be paid up upon customer's pick up of the Product. The warranty coverage is judged by V DiGi.  

(5) 客戶謹此同意在以下情況下,給付所有維修費及其他有關服務的服務費﹝包括替產品檢查或調校所需之費用﹞:
Customer agrees to pay V DiGi all charges for its Repair Service and or any other related service such as inspection and adjustment where:

i.  產品不獲保用或保養保障﹝即指保養期已屆滿,或即使仍於保用或保養期內,但客戶要求維修消耗性產品、配件、機殼/表面損毀或任何軟件程式或數據的損失、任何因意外、誤用、濫用或疏忽或電壓不當而造成的損壞或其他V DiGi保用或保養証書內所述之情況﹞;
the Product is not covered by any warranty (where any warranty period is expired, or it is within warranty period but Customer's request for Repair Service is in respect of any consumable items, accessories, cabinets/cosmetic damage or loss to any software programs/data, damage due to accident, misuse, abuse, negligence or improper voltage supply and / or such other situation as specified in V DiGi's warranty agreement);

ii.  產品曾經非V DiGi或非V DiGi認可之維修人員進行修改、改裝、安裝或維修。
the Product is modified, altered, installed or repaired other than by V DiGi or V DiGi's authorized service facilities prior to the Repair Service provided by V DiGi hereunder requested by the Customer.

iii.  產品在非指定經銷商購買 (根據V DiGi之紀錄)。
the product is bought from the unauthorized dealer (according to the record of V DiGi)

iv.  要求V DiGi技術人員上門檢查及維修產品,經V DiGi技術人員証實產品是人為損壞或機件沒有故障(因錯誤使用或環境因素導致等問題),V DIGI會根據當時之收費表向客戶收取有關上門服務費用
the out of order is due to the man-caused (man-made) damage, or the product is functional (the out of order is caused by mis-use or any environmental factor, such as power supply, signal etc), the on-site service fee will be charged if our technical come and confirm the above situation.

(6) 若在第(5)項所述情況下客戶要求V DiGi替該產品維修,除定額之檢查費外,V DiGi亦會向客戶就每件產品收取人工零件費。檢查費會在客戶要求V DiGi提供維修服務時收取。
For those Repair Service which Clause (5) above is applicable, V DiGi shall charge a fixed inspection fee for each item of Product in addition to the charges on labour and parts. Such inspection fee shall be payable upon the Customer's request of repair service.

(7) 所有收費均須以現金支付,且不獲退回
All charges and inspection fee are required to be paid by cash only and non-refundable.

(8) 任何在V DiGi維修時更換之已損壞零件均屬V DiGi所有,且不獲退回。
Any defective parts of the Product which are replaced by V DiGi in the course of repairing, if any, shall be V DiGi's property and non-returnable.

(9) V DiGi不保證能為客戶之產品提供維修服務 (不論保養期已屆滿,或仍於保用或保養期內),原因包括但不限於V DiGi未能獲取有關產品之備用零件,軟件或操作手冊。
V DiGi makes no guarantee to render the Repair Service to such Product (where warranty period is expired, or it is within warranty period) including but not limited to such situation that the spare parts, software and service manuals of which are not available to V DiGi for any reason whatsoever.

(10) 如產品被鑑定為膺品或向非指定經銷商購買﹝以V DiGi的最終決定作準﹞,V DiGi有權不替該產品進行維修並退回給客戶。於此等情況下,V DiGi不會對客戶負上任何責任。
Should the Product be determined a fake product (V Digi's determination shall be final and conclusive), V DiGi shall reserve its rights not to render any Repair Service to the Product but to return the same to the Customer. In such event V DiGi shall not be under any liability to the Customer whatsoever.

(11) 若客戶要求V DiGi派員上門檢查或維修產品或提送產品送回維修中心作檢查或維修服務,而該等服務並不包括在保用或保養條款內,V DiGi有權就該等上門服務向客戶收取上門費用(根據屆時的有關收費表收取)。所有收費的調整均不會作事先通知。
If Customer request to have V DiGi's on-site inspection or Repair Service or collection of Products to V DiGi's repair centre for inspection or Repair Service which is not covered by Warranty Agreement / Extended Warranty Agreement, V DiGi may impose charges for such on-site services at the prevailing rate (Accroding to the Fee Table). All charges are subject to change without prior notice.

(12) 本港離島及偏遠地區用戶如要求上門服務,須付本公司所訂之交通費用,若機件需送回維修中心檢修者,用戶要自行負責將該機運抵本公司服務中心,並於修妥後自行取回該機。(本港離島及偏遠地區包括: 離島, 馬灣及愉景灣, 及乘公共交通工具後, 須步行超過20分鐘, (或只)可乘坐出租車(的士)到達的地方)。
User who stay in Islands/Outlying Zone, there is additional transport charge if on-site warranty service is required. If requiring to send back the products to V DiGi's repair centre, User should do so and also get back the products in the same place. (Islands/Outlying Zone include: Outlying Islands, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and the place where 20 minutes walk is needed after take the public transport, or can be reach by taxi only). 

(13) 持有V DiGi發出之維修單或收貨單據者,即視為有關產品之物主。客戶須在領回產品時出示維修單或收貨單據正本,否則V DiGi有權拒絕將產品交予客戶。該修理單據乃屬V DiGi的資產。
The Products shall be collected by the bearer of and on presentation of the Repair Order or the Collection Note issued by V DiGi and its holder shall be deemed to the rightful owner of the Products. Should the Customer fail to present the Repair Order or the Collection Note upon collection, V DiGi may reject to deliver the Product to the Customer. This Repair Order and Collection Note remain the property of V DiGi at all times.

(14) 如維修單據或收貨單遺失,客戶必須親自到V DiGi客戶服務中心辦理報失及跟進手續。屆時客戶必須填寫報失表格,並需由V DiGi有關經理核實後簽名作實,始能進行跟進有關維修紀錄及產品領取事宜。
In case of any loss of the Repair Order or the Collection Note, the Customer are required to come to V DiGi's Customer Service Centre in person and complete the loss report form. Upon the endorsement of V DiGi confirmation on the said loss report form, V DiGi will conduct a record search to locate the record of the Service and follow up the collection of the Product with the Customer.

(15) 如產品於維修完成後90天內 (取機日起計) 再出現V DiGi維修紀錄中相同的故障,則獲免費修理,惟只適用於相同電子/機械部份引起之相同故障而上次未完全修理妥當者。
V DiGi will provide Repair Service on free-of-charges basis for any malfunction of the Product due to the reoccurrence of the same fault caused by the same electronic / mechanical source as prescribed in V DiGi's report record of the last repair within 90 days from date of the Product collection by Customer.

(16) 客戶若於產品收送交回維修中心14個工作天後仍沒有接獲通知,客戶應聯絡V DiGi查詢維修進度。若客戶於獲通知領回該產品日期起計超過60天仍未領回該產品者,V DiGi有絕對權利處理或丟棄該產品,而不再事先通知。因此所引致之任何損失,V DiGi亦概不負責。
The Customer shall contact V DiGi if no further notice is received from V DiGi 14 working days after the Product is sent to V DiGi for service. Any Products left for repair not reclaimed by the Customer within 60 days from the date of the Repair Order or Collection Note may be handled or disposed by V DiGi in any way whatsoever without prior notice to the Customer and V DiGi shall not be liable or responsible to the Customer for such Product or for any losses or damages whatsoever incurred in such event.

(17) V DiGi概不負責因遇天災、內亂、戰事、任何意外或V DiGi不能合理控制之任何原因造成之損失或損毀。
V DiGi shall not be liable for any losses or damages caused by acts of God, civil commotion, wars, any accidents or any other beyond V DiGi's reasonable control.

(18) 任何直接或間接因擅自改裝所引致之損毀或損失,或在任何超出V DiGi合理控制範圍內之原因﹝包括延誤或不能進行維修﹞並導致產品損毀或任何因該原因造成之損失,V DiGi均不會向客戶或任何第三者負上責任。
V DiGi shall not be under any liability to the Customer and any third party for any direct or indirect losses and damages caused by any unauthorized alteration of damage to the Product or any consequential loss howsoever arise including delay in or failure to provide the Repair Service attributable to any cause of whatever nature beyond V DiGi's reasonable control.

(19) 若需維修之產品包含任何種類的光碟及記憶體(無論內置或外置):
In case the Product contains any Disk and memory storage media (no matter external or build-it):

A.  對任何在維修時遺失儲存於產品內的光碟、可記錄光碟、磁帶、硬碟、內置記憶體或記憶卡的數據、程式或內容,或該等數據、程式或內容有任何損毀,V DiGi概不負責,亦不會為以上產品提供儲存備份之服務;
V DiGi shall not be responsible for any loss of data, programs and contents in such disk, recordable disc, magnetic disc, hard disk, internal memory and memory storage cards which may be lost or damaged during repair, V DiGi will not provide back-up service for the disc, recordable disc, magnetic disc, hard disk, internal memory and memory storage cards of the Product;

B.  V DiGi建議客戶應先在將產品交於V DiGi作維修服發前自行為該維修產品的光碟、可記錄光碟、磁帶、硬碟、內置記憶體或記憶卡儲存備份。
Customer should make back-up copies of the disc, recordable disc, magnetic disc, hard disk, internal memory and memory storage cards before sending the Product to Sony for service.

(20) 如V DiGi提供予個別產品之維修服務另有服務條款,而該個別服務條款與本服務條款有任何不同,則以該個別服務條款為準。
If there is any specific service terms and conditions for a particular Repair Service provided by V DiGi, such specific service terms and conditions shall prevail in case of any discrepancy with these Terms of Repair Services.

(21) V DiGi的基本保用及維修服務條款未必適用於特殊情況,特殊情況包括但不限於發售陳列產品或特別優惠進行時,購買時請注意。
Please note that basic warranty coverage and Terms & Conidition may not be available for special circumstances, special circumstances including but not limited to Display or Demo Unit on sale or Special Promotion.

(22) V DiGi保養及維修服務條款可能隨時更改而不作另行通知。並擁有最終解釋權,如有任何爭議,以V DiGi的解釋為準。
V DiGi reserve the right to amend the Full Set of Terms from time to time without prior notice to you. Should any dispute arise, the decision of V DiGi shall be final.



i.  建議不要讓靜止圖像(例如電視遊戲、電腦圖像、文字廣播, 以及用4:3方式顯示圖像等)顯示太長時間 (例如超過2小時),否則有機會使顯示屏屏幕留下永久殘像。
Do not leave the TV in Freeze (TV Games, Picture, Text or in 4:3 mode) for an extended period (e.g. over 2 hours). The dark borders displayed on the left and right / top and bottom of the screen may cause image retention. This phenomenon can appear on LED TV. This is not covered by the warranty.

ii. 如果不能避免靜止圖像,則請減低圖像的亮度和對比度,使顯示屏屏幕可能受到的損害減至最少。
Please lower the Brightness & Contract of TV, if freeze is Unavoidable.

iii. 於生產過程和使用中,屏幕上可能會產生黑點和亮點。這是LCD 螢幕的結構特性,此情況並非故障。顧客如因此要求退機或換機,本公司只接受由購買日期起7天內提出之更換申請,而有關申請必須符合上述屏幕出現黑點及/或亮點合共多於3點(須經由本公司核實)。如有任何爭議,本公司保留最終之決定權。
Black dots may appear or bright points of light (red, blue, or green) may appear constantly on the LCD screen. This is structural property of the LCD screen and is not a malfunction. Request for product replacement or refund will only be accepted within 7 days of purchase on the condition that the total no. of dead dots and/or bright dots on LCD screen as above-mentioned is more than 3 (which must be verified by V DiGi). In case of any disputes, V DiGi shall reserve its final decision rights.